Our Carbon Neutral Journey

By Arden Winch & Co.Ltd
schedule6th Feb 24


Back in 2022 we took an important step in reviewing how we as a company could take action to limit our impact on the environment, leading us to set our goal to become carbon neutral by 2030.

This goal is not driven by money saving or payback but for the invaluable reason of improving our environment/climate for the furure.

We began our journey with a baseline figure of 55.6 tonne.

During 2022 and 2023 we added 2 solar panel arrays, a ground source heat pump and changed all our internal lighting to energy saving LED's, including some montion sensor controlled.

Our next step was changing company directors cars to full electric and our sales managers cars to plug in hybrid.

Coming into 2024 our new figure is 34.2 tonne, a reduction of 38.5%.

Of that remaining figure 68.8% or 24 tonne is produced by our 8 delivery vehicles. The moment any manufacturer can provide a workable environmentally friendly delivery van (the current electric vans when fully loaded have very poor range) Arden Winch will change.

This year our next objective is reducing the 10.2 tonne which is not produced by our delivery vans.

If you are currently purchasing PPE and/or worwear and wish to align yourself with a supplier who is striving to become carbon neutral then contact us at [email protected]